Outcome Measures

Please read the Directions below before filling out your OQ.


Step One:

Click the link above to access the Outcome Measures web form.Enter in the patient’s Medical Records Number.

-If you do not have the Medical Records Number, please call our office at 801-266-4643.

Enter in the patient’s date of birth.

Click the Login button.


Step Two:

 Select the OQ Instrument you wish to fill out.

– Adults should fill out the default OQ-45.
-For children 12 and under, a parent or guardian needs to fill out the YOQ -2.0. (Please try to have the same parent of guardian fill out the measure every month.)
-For children between the ages 13 and 17, the child fills out the YOQ-2.0SR.

To change what instrument is selected, click the square to the right of instrument and use the arrow buttons to move them from the ‘Available’ column to the ‘Selected’ column.

Click the begin button on the bottom right of the screen.

Please do not change the ‘Setting of Care’ (Outpatient) or the ‘Clinic’ (Janet S Nimer).

Step Three:

After reading the General Instructions, click ‘Continue’

Answer each question by clicking the radial to right of the answer that you feel fits your response best.

Click ‘Next’.

Step Four:

Repeat steps 2 and 3 until your answer the final question.

Click Finish. 

Congratulations, you’ve completed your OQ online! Please make sure to inform your therapist next time you come in!