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Collaborative and Consulting

Balancing body, mind, and heart through traditional and experiential practices.

About Us

Our vision is a world in which all people have the knowledge, skills, guidance, and inspiration they need to reach health, well-being, and a higher quality of life and mental health .

Animals 4 Healing

Animals 4 Healing is a nonprofit organization affiliated with 4 Healing Center through our leadership and mission, providing our clients with unique animal-assisted interventions.

Children and Adolescents

We offer a wide variety of trauma-informed, developmental, and behaviorally focused services for children and adolescents.  Our therapists specialize in many forms of expressive therapies such as video game therapy, art and traditional play therapy, animal-assisted therapies, sand-tray and movement therapies, and more.

Adults and Seniors

4 Healing Center is known for sensitively and inclusively serving a diverse population. Our methods are positive and empowering, and focused on improving quality of life for all our clients. We pride ourselves on providing effective therapeutic supports for any stage of life, including those facing end of life and chronic illness.

Families and Couples

Achieving true well-being often requires us to improve our relationships and our home life. That is why our team works together to provide critical and comprehensive services such as: couples counseling, family counseling, parenting skills training, and support for foster care transitions. 

Veterans and Survivors

As a trauma-informed clinic, we specialize in treatment for combat trauma, domestic violence and abuse, medical trauma and accidents, attachment and complex trauma, abandonment, neglect, sexual trauma, relocation trauma, social exclusion and oppression, traumatic grief and loss, difficult life events, and more.

Who We Serve

4 Healing Center is an outpatient clinic offering supports for trauma, depression, anxiety, suicidal ideation and self-harm, grief and loss, difficult life transitions, and more.  Our clinic welcomes individuals from all walks of life and backgrounds. Among others, this includes neurodivergent children and adults, LGBTQIA+ individuals, veterans, survivors of trauma, migrants and refugees, individuals with physical and cognitive disabilities, and those that do and do not ascribe to a system of faith.

At 4 Healing Center, we know Utah citizens face specific challenges in bridging social identities and systems of belief.  We also know that therapy is an intimate process, and that healing requires a high degree of safety and trust. That is why we take extra care to train our staff to honor the unique identities of our clientele. This includes Cultural Sensitivity Training, Safe Space Training, and working with community resources to create accessible spaces to heal.  We also take care to appropriately match our clients with therapists that possess the necessary training, specializations, insights, and competencies to best serve our clients.

Traditional Psychotherapy

As an outpatient clinic specializing in trauma, we rely on accurate diagnostics, evaluation, and assessment. We also train our staff to employ empirically and scientifically supported methods as a backbone to every treatment plan. This ensures that our clients receive the right level of care and interventions to meet their specific needs.

Experiential Techniques

Research indicates that incorporating experiential techniques can enhance learning, confidence, social and emotional skills, and much more. That is why animals, nature, movement, art, and music are cornerstones of our practice.  These techniques provide a safe and nonthreatening way to engage in therapy, especially for those who struggle with more traditional methods.


We are pleased to offer mental health counseling sessions via in-office appointments (masks required within the facility) and continued telehealth appointments. Please be aware that as COVID measures change, insurance companies may require in-office appointments for continued coverage. For those that would like to continue telehealth without coverage, we will be happy to discuss cash pay as an alternative option. Feel free to call us for more information. Find more community guidelines regarding the coronavirus at https://coronavirus.utah.gov/.

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