Primary Children’s Hospital is a not-for-profit medical facility that offers services to children in Utah, and across the country.  Utah Healing Center understands that Primary Children’s Hospital offers a lot to our community, we also understand that they have great need.  During our team meeting, our staff put together 30 coloring page packets with color pencils.  These packets will be given to patients and their families, so that the children have something to do while waiting for the medical staff. Waiting for treatment/answers can be very terrifying – we hope these packets will provide some comfort during those stressful times.


baskets pic


If you would like to assist with, here are some of the projects Primary Children’s Hospital could use.

1) Coloring pages kits – given to patients to do while waiting for appointments


  • Zip lock baggies
  • Short coloring pencils (they insist on color pencils because crayon is to hard to clean off of surfaces)
  • 10 pages to color
  • Something to hold the pages together – binder clip, ring, etc.


2) Bracelet kits – given to patients to do while waiting for appointments.


  • Instructions
  • Zip lock baggies
  • Materials for bracelets – yarn or whatever we decide


3) Fleece stuffed animals – used for comfort cart (used to make patients comfortable).

Supplies:fleece stuff animal pic

  • Material
  • Batting


4) Essential Oil Pillow – used for the comfort cart

heart pic


  • Material
  • Batting


5) Fairy wand kit – for kids to complete while they are waiting



  • Wooden shape
  • Wooden dowel
  • Decorating items – glitter markers, design tape, ribbon,  glue, etc




6) Medical play doll – to show children what the procedure will be



  • Material for doll
  • batting
  • Material for doll’s gown






For more information regarding donations, please contact Marie Hendriksen at (801)662-5968 or




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